Have you ever thought you’d become a labeling machine?

Probably not, nevertheless, you are. We all are.

If you have small children you might have noticed how they sometimes become obsessed with getting your attention. Many parents try to extinguish this behavioral pattern, one that they see as childish and nagging. They are wrong.

A child's request for attention is deeply rooted in his or her learning patterns. While toddlers mostly learn by experiencing the physical world, where feedback is haptic, older youngsters have evolved past the physical and into the mental modeling of their surroundings. Not only in the sense of understanding and navigating it, rather in building…

Can Machines Lie?

You probably never heard of Liam Porr.

Liam was a college student at Berkeley when he decided to play around with the most powerful natural language deep neural network model ever made, GPT-3 (more on GPT-3 later). Using it, he created a number of blog posts that were completely machine-generated. His posts reached 26,000 people in two weeks, some of which have subscribed to “his” blog.

I would write the title and introduction, add a photo, and let GPT-3 do the rest. The blog has had over 26 thousand visitors, and we now have about 60 loyal subscribers…

And only…

A Philosophy of Programming Language Design

This is not a PL/I tutorial.

In the 1950s and early 1960s, business and scientific users programmed for different computer hardware using different programming languages. Business users were moving from Autocoders via COMTRAN to COBOL, while scientific users programmed in Fortran, ALGOL, GEORGE, and others. The IBM System/360 (announced in 1964 and delivered in 1966) was designed as a common machine architecture for both groups of users, superseding all existing IBM architectures. Similarly, IBM wanted a single programming language for all users. It hoped that Fortran could be extended to include the features needed by commercial programmers. In October 1963…

Can we create a lovable tax system based on blockchain consensus protocols?

A Brief History of Tax

The first record of organized taxation comes from Egypt around 3000 B.C., and is mentioned in numerous historical sources including the Bible (chapter 47, verse 33 of the Book of Genesis describes the tax collection practices of the Egyptian kingdom).

Tax practice continued to develop as Greek civilization overtook much of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East in the centuries leading up to the Common Era. The Rosetta Stone, a clay tablet discovered in 1799, was a document of new tax laws decreed by the Ptolemaic Dynasty…

Fixing the Worst Mistake the Software World has Ever Made

Killing the Hydra (the wrong way)

JavaScript is an abomination. A language developed in a hurry over two weeks to facilitate web page dynamic programming has taken over the world, spiraling out of control. It has since infested server-side backends with implementations such as Node.Js, wildly outgrowing its original purpose.

The success of JavaScript cannot be understood out of its generational context. It is the language of the millennials. A generation of young programmers who want everything to be easy, who expect instant gratification and the hell with the consequences, has met a language who promises (pun intended) just that.

Why bother with design, good architecture…

Can we use anomaly detection to detect and filter fake news?

Fake news has become one of the biggest problems of our age. It has polluted online as well as offline discourse. One can even go as far as saying that, to date, fake news poses a clear and present danger to western democracy.

As the technology world has created the machinery allowing mass publications of such, it is only fair that it would come up with a solution to classify and filter them out.

In this article, we would try to present a data-science based approach that may be utilized to classify and filter fake news.

Note, this is not…

Can we design a voting system that could withstand the attacks on modern democracy

Democracy is dying. The governance system first established in 507 BC in Athens is slowly decaying. Manipulated by the wealthy and powerful, it does no longer serve the people.

Evidence is everywhere and has been there for a long time. It is not solely exemplified by the 2016 US election skewed by targeted social network campaigns, or the proliferation of fake news. Democracy has been hacked a long time ago by big money. Money that buys lobbyists, lobbyists who buy politicians and media, and media that creates (a false) reality.

Fundamentals of Democracy

Any functional democracy is based on these two assumptions:

  • People…

Well, now you can

As we at The Lazarus believe anyone has the right to block toxic online ads and there is no true ad blocker on mobile devices that can provide a clean experience, I have taken the time to a developed one.

And we are giving it away, free.

If you can’t wait, simply download it here from your Android phone or tablet (requires root).

The Lazarus Android Ad Blocker is an app for rooted Android phones that block ads in web browsing sessions within any browser, as well as in apps. …

Humanity has flourished. Is nature fighting back?

By 2020, Houston, along with 9 other cities, will have a sex robot brothel. Currently, sex brothels can be found in Toronto with rentals costing $60 for half an hour with a bot.

This is not sci-fi, this is a reality.

Lifelike AI-based sex bots (both female and male) are available for sale on Amazon, Alibaba, and various manufacturers’ outlets.

If you cannot afford a real doll, an Android app is available to talk dirty to you, which can be configured to your liking.

But robots are not the only means of experiencing newly developed sex-related technologies. The TeslaSuit

So you’d like to get your package sooner

Most people would.

In this ever-accelerating world, where on-demand is king, the seemingly simple action of transporting a package from one place to the other, quickly, is yet an unsolved inefficient process. Not only does international shipping taking too long, costly, error-prone and governed by stale bureaucracy.

The number of parties involved in getting a package from one side of the planet to the other is astoundingly high.

Doron Sadeh

I ride motorcycles, gaze, and solve hard problems. I am fascinated with all things data, culture and philosophy. Publishing the "A Colder Lazarus" magazine.

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